Animals in the news (no, not K-Fed)

Don’t worry – Mozart has two.

Test tube baby weighs in at a cuddly 128 lbs.

And I thought it was a dog eat dog world.

If 33 is old I’m more depressed than ever at recently turning 40 (and a half, for those that know me).

I believe I’ll stick with acupuncture.

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3 responses to “Animals in the news (no, not K-Fed)

  1. Cap'n Dyke

    Oh, Me Sweet Girl, ye be but a babe-in-arms! When ye reach me own age, then we’ll be talkin’. Now, in today’s world — where peoples’ lifespans are headin’ towards a century, ye be but in your teenage years.

    No depression now. Ye’ll be around a great, long time an’ your life is just beginnin’. This lesbian Pirate Queen’s real life started at 35.

    Love ye muchly, Th’ Cap’n

  2. You’re a mere babe, Jennifer. And I’m glad to know that poor iguana has a spare part. If he’d only called his doctor when the erection lasted four hours…

  3. 40 is young yet, and you can bet that the giraffe is not complaining. Any day above ground is an improvement on the alternative.

    If you worry about getting older for a day, you will grow a day older.

    If you don’t worry about getting older for a day, you will also grow a day older. But you did something else besides worring about getting older that day!

    And forty AND a half?!?!!? Puh-leez! You are only allowed to count fractions of a year until you are 16 or 17. Only kids do that. ;o)

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