At a loss for words.

UPDATE: Seriously. This sucks.

As we like to say in my neck of the woods – Bless her heart. Can she not catch a break? Okay – she may not deserve one – but, lord – Bless her heart. I have no idea if TrimSpa works or not – well, I have an idea – but do people really think it is her fault that they fall for such things? They must not know that she doesn’t have her money yet.


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5 responses to “At a loss for words.

  1. That sounds like a very Southern Bless her heart.

    So she doesn’t have any money? Guess that explains why she stiffed her lawyers ;)

  2. True, she doesn’t have her money yet, but one can never get in line too early.

  3. “Janet Luna and three people identified as her guardians were named in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges deceptive business practices and a violation of California’s unfair competition law.”

    Her guardians? What on earth is that about? Ah, well, at least these people make Anna Nicole look classy by comparison.

  4. This really is incredibly sad, and unfortunately people like those who sued her will continue to go after her money even though she’s dead.

  5. Your post indicates that it is perhaps unfortunate that Smith being sued is a bad thing. Actually, the timing is perfect. If I was going to get sued, I would also want to set the trial date until after my death. Good luck collecting any money! The only winners will be the lawyers on both sides.

    That said, it is unfortunate for anyone to die so young.

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